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Zenith restaurant

The project for the Zenith Restaurant consists of a small punctual intervention in the coastal area.

The small building born as a shelter for fishermen has become over the years a point of reference and meeting place for the neighboring population, who assiduously attends the surrounding seaside areas.

Until a group of entrepreneurs invested in the revaluation of the entire site making the small building a restaurant that has the vocation to offer a refined gastronomic offer in a confidential context. The concrete building has been re-edited with the layering of three levels with the corresponding three materials typical of the place of belonging, therefore of the Mediterranean.

The wood in memory of the wood boat masters who have frequented the site for a long time, the stone like the mountain that protects and embraces this meeting place behind it and the plasters that declare the compositional simplicity of the pre-existence, remembering its historical memory.

Last but not least a fourth unprecedented level: the Sea.

Nature therefore becomes an essential material element in the project's understanding but above all an element of balance both in terms of color and sensorial profile of the entire building.

 Zenith recalls feelings of the past by reinterpreting the technical solutions of the contemporary.

Pozzuoli - Italy


100 sq m