We are in search of truth, not form.

Primo Atelier is a design studio based in Naples, Italy.

The studio is characterized by the coexistence of members with different specializations able to follow every type of project in all aspects of design: architectural, engineering and communication.

We offer a complete range of services: complete architecture, urban design, interior design, product design, industrial design, visual application , brand design and technical engineering.


The purpose of communication between the different areas is to guarantee the project coherence and uniqueness. Every design choice comes from a technical and emotional analysis, trying to tell the story and the origins that gave life to the idea from which the project draws inspiration.

Working with ideas guarantees the truthfulness of the story as well as maintaining the connection between the design principle and the social goals that link images to the community.

The studio is guided by a clear idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcontemporary architecture, trying to keep tradition and innovation together. Our projects start from a simple concept in search of functionality, sustainability, adequacy and beauty.


We have always been involved in architectural design in historic centers, respecting the existing structures and the environment, using cutting-edge technologies and high-performance construction systems. Form and matter are only the means by which we give life to space.

We are always looking for ways to make the space a sensory experience, our architecture is not only for the eyes but also for the hands of our clients. The colors, the smells and the noises are the pillars of an experience that remains deep in the memory.


Primo Atelier Team Alessandro Schetter 2

Alessandro Schetter

architect & creative director

Primo Atelier Team Emanuele Cicatiello

Emanuele Cicatiello

architect & head of research

Primo Atelier Team Maria Claudia Picciloli

Maria Claudia Piccioli

architect & technical lead

Primo Atelier Team Andrea Del Prete

Andrea Del Prete

brand designer director

foto federico napolitano

Federico Napolitano

architect & culture manager

Primo Atelier Team Andrea Biancogiglio

Andrea Biancogiglio

web master & seo specialist