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Villa C

Having the privilege of working on a historic building of particular value is not only a source of pride for architects but it is also a great responsibility.

The building subject to intervention represents, for the community of the Vesuvius municipality, the first settlement of the city. It is therefore not only a responsibility for the artistic and architectural heritage but also for the memory and historical values that the building represents.

The intervention of Villa C represents a dual approach in the architectural field, therefore on the one hand the restoration of the southern elevation, on the other the reconstruction of the new northern elevation with a delicate re-proportioning that does not conflict with the pre-existing layout, but at the same time have a contemporary flavour. The same openings denounce a new way of living in the Villa, large and full-height towards the private garden, smaller and more intimate instead on the decorative façade of birth which majestically imposes itself on the city square.

The materials of both elevations are the same but declined with different sizing: travertine, lava stone and Neapolitan "graniglia" mixed in different ways able to make you savor the contemporary taste but still respecting the charm and prestige of an ancient villa from the early 1800's

Naples - Italy


600 sq m

2018 - on going