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University Music Festival

The project was born as a wish of Federico II University to bring nearer the students to the universitary shield, so they created a three-weeks long event, in wich each week had a different theme about.

We have created a unique logotype that at the same time is divided in three different logotypes, with its respective icon that reference the week. The campaign is divided in four images, one for each week and other that represents the whole event.

We chose one symbol-object, image and color for each week to represent it. The poetry week's symbol is an ink pen, the business week object is a blue calculator and for the week of design we chose a red bulb. The principal image of the event is represented as a radio painted with the three colors, that's the symbol of the music event.

All the images are been photographed in still life, without post production. We decided to use images to make easier to the viewer understand the difficult message that we tried to communicate.

Naples - Italy

Brand design