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Tisens kindergarten

The design proposal for the new kindergarten aims to design a unitary and coherent complex, both formally and logistically, with the existing structure.

The idea is to create a real "training village", an open but at the same time closed, protected and recognizable place, in relation to the landscape, towards which the child can develop a strong sense of belonging during the its growth path.

The new complex is arranged on two different levels through the modeling of the land and is structured in three individual buildings which, reinterpreting the typical formal characteristics of the urban area of ​​Tesimo, give it a contemporary reinterpretation.
The buildings are connected to each other by a sort of covered square that becomes the main entrance to the complex, a highly representative place that favors the pause and meeting between people.

A second covered square is placed in the void facing the elementary school, already a meeting place.

A connecting ring physically unites the two squares, thus putting in relation the school complexes, incorporating inside the playing field and thus going to create that unity sought from the outset.

Tisens (BZ) - Italy

Educational - competition

3000 sq m