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In a contemporary dimension where sushi has become an international dish, category have obsessively sought modernity through the selection of luxurious materials in contrast with the authenticity and minimalism of the Japanese tradition.So they have forgotten that sushi comes from very ancient techniques where the refinement of the materials is not in their importance but in their balanced composition which gives these places a well-being of sensations.

In opposition with this trend, the Tender restaurant tries to rediscover the original Japanese identity through four three main elements of the project:

  • The sushi counter, essential and functional, covered in material resin in a neutral color, like the walls.

  • The false ceiling, made with soft curtains to form waves, reminiscent of the ancient tradition of Japanese yarns and which, through the descent of some fabric walls, gives intimacy to some areas of the room.

  • The lights, which reinterpret the famous oriental paper lanterns through the opacity of the crystal and the brightness of the bronze of the salt lamps.

  • The walls, covered with monochromatic and natural resin, which reflects the Japanese worldview, or aesthetic, founded on the acceptance of the transience and imperfection of things.

The end result was to create a minimal, at the same time authentic and recognizable place, which gave the space an intimate and welcoming atmosphere in which people can find a small corner of pleasure and well-being and that reflects the vision of the "imperfect, impermanent and incomplete" beauty of the Japanese doctrine.

Naples - Italy


80 sq m