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ROMEO company gym

The project involved the renovation of some rooms in the basement of the offices of the ROMEO company's Neapolitan headquarters, the will of the client was to convert some spaces previously used for storage into a fitness and relaxation area, this area is dedicated exclusively to company personnel and is in fact a company gym.

The primary objective of the project was to guarantee brightness and well-being inside the room, even if we are in the basement. From the start, therefore, the idea of offering an "emotional view", capable of realizing what was described above, was reasoned. Thus, the main wall of the room is characterized by a double backlit fabric wall which, thanks to a second adjacent wall covered with mirrors, defines the atmosphere of the room.

The spatial principle is to use a central space, a filter space that serves as a distribution space between the entrance, the fitness room and the services. This "backbone" looks like a box covered in Canaletto walnut, large glazed openings allow communication with the fitness room while flush doors lead to the service spaces. The Canaletto walnut box also acts as the fourth wall of the fitness room, triggering a dialogue between four different materials: wood, mirror, fabric and plaster. The slatted false ceiling in the hall, with integrated lighting, contrasts with the massive and "suspended" false ceiling in the entrance space.

Naples - Italy


100 sq m

2022 - 2023