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Roberta Biagi showroom

The new showroom for the fashion company Roberta Biagi, is located within the new industrial center of Bologna, the Centergross.

The showroom, in line with the concept for stores in the city center, represents a space capable of transporting customers into Italian luxury. The natural colors and the layout of the sales areas allow for a welcoming feeling notwithstanding the size of the building.

The volume was designed by dividing the commercial area both horizontally and vertically, in fact the most private areas, intended for employees, are located on the upper floor, while the storage and other service areas are located behind the building allowing greater independence of flows.

The furnishings and lights have adapted to the vocation of the showroom that welcomes sales agents from all over the world, who can enjoy an intimate and functional space. The presence of the curtains, in addition to improving the acoustic characteristics of the space, gives softness to the space and allows you to touch the reference segment of the company that for years has great care and attention in the selection of fabrics.

Bologna - Italy


400 sq m