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Roberta Biagi Milano

The new Roberta Biagi’s boutique format, start from the idea of taking care of the customers.

The furnishing elements of the new Roberta Biagi retailers have been designed to meet different needs over time and always respond adeguated to the contingent sales needs.

A single monolithic element represents the backbone of the shops: a crystal table around which a series of solid elements rotate that have the flexibility to be arranged in an organic way, creating differentiated spaces according to the characteristics of the products on display. As a complement to the large transparent table, metallic elements have been designed that make up the inter facades of the store.

Through an innovative set-up system it is possible to build a dynamic and contemporary exhibition structure: no element is placed on the ground and everything is suspended on the walls, favoring a sense of lightness, fluidity and elegance of the architectural space.

Light is the heart of every store. Light characterizes the identity of the sales space by enhancing the products. It was therefore thought to overturn the consolidated tendency to illuminate products and space with suspended and punctual elements in favor of a diffused and homogeneous lighting. A beam of light whose origin is hidden by the double wall that runs along the entire perimeter of the shop will favor an effect of plasticity of furnitures and the products.

Alongside the "ambient" lighting, elements will be prepared that will contribute to defining the design of the internal elevations and will specifically illuminate some objects that will require particular attention.

Milan - Italy


60 sq m

2014 - 2018