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Roberta Biagi format retail

Designing a store is like taking care of a person's freedom.

Free time is the real luxury in contemporary life and a shop is a space where you can dream, have fun, relax and enjoy small and big transgressions from the daily routine.

The guiding idea for the development of the new concept for Roberta Biagi starts from the idea of taking care of the customer and wrapping it in a unique atmosphere, out of the frenzy of the city or the shopping center in which it is located, warm and safe. A set of colors and objects made to make the woman feel at ease and leave her free to dream comfortably, guided by the architecture of the store to the purchase of the right product.

The colors and materials have been specifically designed to immerse customers in a typical atmosphere of luxury spaces made in Italy. These physical characteristics will favor the recognition of the company identity and will contribute to the diffusion of the idea of luxury inherent in the Roberta Biagi product.

The color palette chosen for the new stores Roberta Biagi refers to the mineral nature: sand, earth, warm and soft colors of the Mediterranean coasts. From the nuances of beige, the color of natural wool, comes the cluster of shades that characterize the surfaces and volumes of the sales space.

The materials for the new Roberta Biagi retailers were selected according to the defined coromatic palette. Natural and artificial materials try to build a warm and welcoming space, where the products on display can find their right scenery, a suitable frame. Cement, resins and fabrics are composed through clear geometries and shapes.

Naples - Italy