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Piazza della Repubblica

The design proposal reflects on the ability of the single architectural element to trigger urban dynamics, a compositional action capable from time to time to define a specific enclosure, to regulate the permeability with the context, to emphasize and relate to each other the different contexts that exist in the area.

The essentiality of the intervention therefore expresses the desire to meet the identified needs through the organic grafting of a compact volume that generates different urban and social scenarios.

The new layout proposed for the square therefore includes a raised platform which, by solving the difference in altitude between the north and south front, distinguishes two different spatial areas that interface and interact continuously with each other: a high square intended for use with a more "Slow" and as the main center of cultural and tourist activities; this overlooks a low square that integrates with the ramifications of the existing urban fabric and where a "faster" city activity is planned instead.

The formal and material solutions of the project are intrinsically linked to the restoration of an identity of the place: the character differences highlighted in the various areas of the new square are reflected in the coexistence of multiple community and social needs.

The design solution therefore proposes to start potential opportunities for relational dynamics and continuous exchange between the two different "souls" of the square, with the aim of achieving the weighted balance that satisfies and reconciles the various city needs and the different social urgencies between residents, traders and users.

By restoring architectural and urban value to this area, the new Piazza Repubblica is therefore a crucial node in the context of a broader project of strategic development and promotion of the city of Portoferraio in the tourism, cultural and commercial fields.

Isola d'Elba - Italy

urban space competition

3350 sq m