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L-M  Waterfront

Thinking about a significant part of the Laveno Mombello water front inevitably led to dealing with a series of questions and issues that have to do with the very concept of the front.

What does the front between the city and the lake and between the built and nature consist of? How much does the front mark an insurmountable limit and how much is it permeable?What is the perception of this border by citizens and is it possible to intervene by redesigning this border?

The project stems from a reflection on the ability of the single architectural gesture and on the compositional action to define a precise spatial area and to regulate its permeability with the urban and landscape context through two different but interconnected approaches.

In the first place, reorganizing an "indefinite" space into a concrete urban system from a functional and perceptive point of view; secondly, recovering the identity of the place, in keeping with the role it has always held historically, through a formal and material rearrangement that facilitates its interpretation as a fundamental place in the city.

By acting on the permeability of the margin, the desire to give a "form" is expressed to water”, to give a rule to those hybrid areas of contamination and dialogue between the city and the the needle.

The proposed new layout therefore envisages, on the one hand, the rearrangement of the pedestrian waterfront which it extends up to the current roundabout on viale Porro; on the other hand the definition of a new one internal "coastline" which, insisting on the current Via Labiena, becomes the new one
commercial promenade of the city.

From the dynamic dialogue between these two urban systems independent the new urban square is born which becomes the meeting place between the line of the lake and that of the city.

By restoring architectural and urban value to this area, the new square is therefore proposed as a crucial node in the perspective of a broader project of strategic development and promotion of the city of Laveno Mombello in the tourist, cultural and commercial fields.

Laveno Mombello - Italy

urban space competition

5500 sq m