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Hanna Moore

Hanna Moore is the stage name of a fashion designer who has decided to embark on her journey into the international fashion world, preserving her identity with anonymity.

Hanna Moore has two souls, an intimate and reflective one that can be seen by a few, another more extrovert that reflects her personality in the colors of her collections.

HM is a multichannel brand that wants to tell its energy by exploiting the potential of new media, putting the user at the center of its experiences. But HM is also linked to traditional communication, the material one made of paper, the one that leaves a tactile memory.

The visual identity is characterized by the faces of the protagonists who in the same artwork express their different personalities, showing the most extroverted side and hiding the most intimate.

The goal of the brand identity is to represent, through a dynamic and contemporary image, the character of the brand: feminine, distinctive and impulsive.

Milan - Italy

Naming and brand identity