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Feridras headquarters

The project for the new headquarters of the Feridras company, brand of the society Brand SRL, an international leader in the production of bathroom furnishings, was born with the intention of making the best use of the strongly horizontal conformation of the recovered industrial building. The typology of the slatted building suggested a comb system with different areas facing outwards allowing the green areas to enter the building's public spaces inside.

The need to have a very precise and organic sequence of spaces with respect to the hierarchical structure of the company, and the sizing of the slat made the corridor become the backbone of the distribution even if decentralized. The corridor therefore takes on a dual function: the first is that of a workspace, storage and an area dedicated to relaxation, the second is that of a filter regulator for natural lighting and acoustic regulator to the driveways dedicated to freight transport. The disemboweling of some floors and some partitions allows to have a double height entrance from which it is possible to see the large size of the storage behind, which puts the visitor in contact with the beating heart of the company as well as the showroom dedicated to customers and sales agents.

The facade is remodeled through a metal paneling capable of redesigning the facade, thermally insulating the building and allowing shielding through a system of curtains housed inside the metal frame. The metal rests on the stone base which expands through partitions that delimit areas without the need to be covered.

The HQF project is built in a tailored way on the needs of the client and represents a new way of conceiving the company spaces, a company that communicates transparency by opening its doors to the user also through the revelation of the work spaces.

Nola (NA) - Italy


1200 sq m