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Empire Viaggi

Empire Viaggi is a restyling project of a travel agency located in Naples.
The project is based on the idea of ​​designing a welcoming and relaxing space, where customers can plan and dream their holiday journey while sitting there in that space.

The space is characterized by a yellow ribbon, a horizon line with a strong visual impact that surrounds the walls and unifies the different environments, positioned at different heights. The internal raumplan identifies the various functions: private office, waiting room, operational area and service spaces.

The rooms are connected to each other by large windows and the main open spaces face directly onto the street, thanks to large openings that connect the internal space with the external one. It is always the yellow ribbon that is the protagonist, attracting the attention of passers.

The different levels are treated with different flooring, the operational area is in resin, the other areas with a Carrara marble Palladiana cast in place.

The main walls are covered with compressed paper panels that evoke the surface of a natural rock or the sand of a beach, depending on the light. We then find white lime finishes on the secondary surfaces.

To embellish these spaces there are the furnishings, from the metal bench in the living room to the three large monolithic blocks in travertine, which identify the desks, separated from each other by brass sheets embedded in the blocks. The seats in blue tones are finely combined with warm tones, creating a pleasant chromatic contrast.

The tones are warm, they blend together creating a light and a harmonious atmosphere, recalling the tropical beaches by immersing the customer already in a holiday atmosphere.

Naples - Italy


50 sq m

2021 - 2022