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Desigual concept store

The design of the new concept store for Desigual was born from the need to adapt the old format with the new brand identity, presented in 2019.

The values transmitted by the brand and recognizability are the key to the success of the company that has jealously maintained since its inception in 1984, the guide of Thomas Meyer, founder and CEO.
Diversity and community are the foundation of these values, specially today in a world of stylistic approval, especially in the world of fashion, represents a glimmer of light for those who do not want to conform.

The new concept store has the objective of not only being a store dedicated to sales but of making the user live an experience that goes beyond the purchasing process.
For this reason, some areas are identified within the store where it is possible to make a more direct contact with the Desigual world, from the choice of fabrics to the personalization of some products. The different boxes, while maintaining transparency towards the outside, represent the values of freedom, creativity, authenticity, etc...

The new concept stores represent a micro community within which everyone can find their own space and be themselves as the Spanish company's new payoff mentions.
The materials used respect the brand philosophy through the use of recyclable materials or products thanks to the reuse of waste material, such as the perimeter panels in recycled paper and the floors produced with processing waste of stone elements and resins.

Desigual is not a static concept store but a space that lives a continuous metamorphosis thanks to the creativity and diversity of those who belong to it, the Man.

Barcelona - Spain


600 sq m