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D 19

Casa D is the project of an apartment for a young couple with a child.

The apartment is located in a historic building from the late 1800s and is made up of three main rooms: the living room, the sleeping area and the filter area. Peculiarity of the project is the filter space located in a barycentric way with respect to the living and sleeping areas, it has a height of 6 meters and is occupied by a "box" containing services and accessories (bathrooms, closets, laundry area and walk-in closet) . On the cover of the box is the homeowner's studio, which overlooks the filter environment. The ceiling was reconstructed with the modeling of many small vaults of different heights that hide the systems as well as taking up the motif of the original plaster ceilings of the building but reinterpreted in a contemporary key. Through openings inside the "box" we can choose to access the public or private area of the house.

The “terrazzo” flooring with Carrara marble aggregates was a symbolic choice to recall the old tradition of Neapolitan “graniglie” typical of that period but with a completely new and elegant taste that goes very well with the custom-made carpentry in maple wood.

The sleeping area is accessed through the walk-in closet where the sensory perception of the house changes through the warmth of the oak wood flooring and the colors of the clay walls that welcome us into the most intimate area of the house.

The living area also gives space to the kitchen which has now become the beating heart of the house in recent years which in fact becomes the main piece of furniture embellished with “Arabescato” marble, a work of art of nature that recalls the old marble kitchens but with a completely refined feeling where even the plate placed on the cantilevered shelf is synonymous with light-living but at the same time with refinement. The living kitchen is now a symptom of a social change that increasingly links conviviality to the dimension of doing as well as gathering the family in the few moments when we are all together.

Naples - Italy


110 sq m

2022 - 2023