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Colli 461

The Colli 461 apartment project proposes a radical vision of living: a single open space without divisions, doors and walls.

The apartment is located in Naples, in a residential area surrounded by greenery; the interior is configured as a large white room where two wooden volumes are placed that design the plan and articulate the space, finally one of the sides of the room opens completely onto the private garden. The living room is identified with the "white room", here the equipped kitchen wall with central island, the dining table and the lounge area with sofa are arranged in succession. The wooden volumes, however, envelop and hide the sleeping area and services from view. These volumes are fixed furnishings and inside them we find the wardrobes of the house.

In the apartment it is possible to move freely, enter and exit these volumes without encountering any obstacles, thus experiencing an unfiltered mix between day and night spaces. The subdivision of the areas is suggested, in addition to the presence of the aforementioned volumes, by a step and a lowering of the false ceiling, so as to have a different height compared to the living areas. The only real elements responsible for separating the spaces are the retractable sliding panels which, if necessary, can close and isolate the private areas. The space that lies between the two volumes represents the entrance area of the apartment. One of the two volumes also contains the staircase that leads to the upper floor of the house, which is currently not used but which will be the subject of a subsequent design process.

There is a close relationship between inside and outside, in fact the living space does not end within the domestic walls but extends beyond: the garden represents a real expansion of the apartment. From every point of the house it is possible to observe the garden, enjoy the light that enters and illuminates its interior. A single curtain runs along the entire window wall and is the only filter between inside and outside, in addition obviously to the sliding windows.

In this project the material is as important as the composition of the space, it suggests the key to understanding it and brings it to full fruition. An essential palette of materials and colors was selected, strongly evocative of a Mediterranean imagination. The "white room" is a space with medium-grain white plaster and open-pore Roman travertine flooring that also continues into the garden. The two wooden volumes are covered with Canaletto walnut wood, while the floor surface on which they are placed is in marble: Carrara marble for the main bathroom, graphite marble for the sleeping area and room service. The aforementioned marbles were also used for the bathroom coverings. Burnished opaque glass panels with opaque black metal frame close off the bathrooms if necessary. Finally, in the living area we find three objects: the kitchen island in brushed stainless steel, a reinforced concrete pillar. covered with bronzed mirror and the Breccia Capraia marble table.

Naples - Italy


100 sq m + 150 sq m

2020 - 2023

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