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Coffee & Tobacco 

Coffee & Tobacco is a tobacco bar located in the Vomero district of Naples.

The project consists of the renovation and expansion of an existing tobacconist, which was already an important meeting point for the local population and which wanted to renew its image with a more contemporary style.

The intervention, in fact, has given a very contemporary aspect to this place, cleared of the chaos typical of tobacconists thanks to the creation of custom-made furnishings designed according to the needs of the customer and the space. The design of the space is welcoming, clean and clear, thanks to the simplicity of its architectural conformation and the predominant use of two natural materials, wood and stone, which give the architecture a clarity of interpretation and effective recognition.

The concept of the project consists in inserting inside in a wooden box, that is the space, a single marble element, which is the counter, that performs all the functions of the tobacco and bar area. In fact the whole space is crossed by a single counter, interrupped only to allow acces to the humidor room.

The bar and tobacco counter is covered in calacatta gold marble and surmounted by a black metal structure with shelves in smoked black glass that acts as a lighting body and that was designed and built specifically for this project, as well as the suspended shelf in front of the bar window, also made with a metal structure that falls from the ceiling and a smoked black glass shelf with rounded sides.

The floor and bench of coffe area are covered with terrazzo stone and all furnishings and wall coverings are in cedar wood, inlcuding the cigar room, making the space warm and bright, thanks also to the use of vegetation within the space.

Naples - Italy

Hospitality and commercial

120 sq m

2019 - 2021