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Casa Manzoni

Casa Manzoni is a project that was born on the Posillipo hill in one of the most suggestive and characteristic scenarios of the city of Naples.

The Art Nouveau building has pre-existing elements protected by the superintendence, signs of the prestigious past of the villa.

The project concerns a small area dedicated to a small contemporary art collection of the property.
In addition to the conservative interventions concerning the original stuccoes of the house and the walnut countertops, the design has a more contemporary aspect in the selection of some furnishings, elements of strong break with the past such as the kitchen, totally matte black, while the other original villa furnishings in solid wood have undergone a conservative restoration process in order not to change the soul of pre-exixtence, respecting the past.

Naples - Italy


80 sq m

2019 - 2020