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Avio Aero

Avio Aero is a company that designs, manufactures and maintains components and systems for civil and military aviation.

The project for the new access points to the Pomigliano D'Arco factory, starts from the need of the safety department to guarantee an accurate and controlled management of the entrances.

Safety is at the heart of industry management and personnel management systems are at the forefront. Precise rules manage spaces and driveways and pedestrian routes.

The main entrance is characterized by a large concrete canopy, supported by four large columns, which covers the functional elements of access and control. The volumetry of the elements and the lightness of the forms contrast with the strength and grandeur of the concrete, while the transparency of the underlying volume invites transparency, the company's key value and the visual permeability of the industrial complex, favoring dialogue with the context in which it is installed.

The margin of the industrial lot is one of the most important elements of the complex and the theme of the border has a value not only linked to protection but also to the functions it performs. The perimeter in fact, in addition to being the first element of contact with the outside, contains a series of functions linked to the management of interior spaces and must represent the expertise and competence of the company.

Pomigliano D'Arco, Naples - Italy


150 sq m