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Atelier Pellecchia

The world of retail in the field of wedding dresses has features that set it apart from the rest of the clothing world. Atelier Pellecchia is a project that stems from the renewed needs in the world of the bride in line with the new trends of the shopping experience in the world of luxury, in a territory that has strong roots with the world of the church and therefore takes the sacredness with great moment of choosing the dress.

The owner has represented an excellence of southern Italy for decades in the spouses field and also in this case it has proved to be innovative in the way of proposing the sale. The studio focused on ensuring a shopping experience that makes every user feel unique. The division into many different areas of the 500 square meters of sales guarantees the intimacy of the experience of brides and their families.

The atmosphere, modern in the use of space and classic in the choice of materials, walnut wood and stone, creates an elegant environment with attention to detail. Particular attention has been paid to the design of the furnishings produced in Carrara marble, they are monolithic blocks that hide furnishing elements. The hanging system with gold finish specially designed for the Atelier because of its particular needs of exhibition versatility. The bridal change rooms, embellished by the sinuousness of precious fabrics with a system of movable perimeter walls, make that the discovery of the dress by the bride and the family is indelible in the memory, dividing the moment of revelation into different phases well distinct from each other, from dressing to going out in public.

Every woman entering "Atelier Pellecchia" already feels married.

Naples - Italy


1200 sq m

2018 - 2019