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Azenha do Mar - Europan

The project for the development and regeneration of the small village of Azenha do Mar was born from the careful observation and comprehension of the places‏. Identity and sustainability were the main limits to the planning: an urban densification plan was designed to create a hierarchy of the existing spaces (public and private), so that new spaces can be made. Through a simple action of space delimitation, we have hypothesized a new urban founding act by marking the ground, thus defining an inside and on outside: with a simple geometric shape, the square, we will encircle what has already been built. This shape will define the limit to the planning, to create that characteristic identitary quality typical of Portuguese villages. Densely built spaces, highly recognisable in the landscape: each village represents a unique great architecture, made by smaller architectures without architects. The village will then be a sign both in the rural territory and in the coastal geography, becoming a visual landmark. The goal is to create a new recognisable‏ urban form, starting from the already built, an order necessary to the comprehension of the urban space, to anchor the population to its life spaces. The planning, in coherence with the general strategic setting, will be divided in stages of implementation, following a plan of sustainable development, in accordance with a financiability plan for the realization of the project.

Alessandro Schetter
Emanuele Cicatiello
Alberto Calderoni
Marianna Ascolese
Vanna Cestarello
Odemira - Portugal